– Ben Martens

End of an Era

I started the Studio711 fantasy football league back in 2007, but I’m closing the league. We won’t be playing this year. It sucks up a lot of my time to write these posts, make sure the league and rosters are full, handle my own team, etc, and while I could probably get by with less effort, I don’t want to do it halfway. It has been a lot of fun over the years, but lately it has felt like more of a drag, and honestly, I didn’t even watch every Seahawks game last year, much less keep up with all the NFL news.

Here’s one last post full of stats summarizing the years from 2007-2021 (minus 2020 when we took a COVID break.)

  • A total of 15 different people participated in the league over the 14 years of the league. Luke, Tim and I were the only people to play in it for all of those years, but Andy and Dad were in 13 of them.
  • I had the most playoff appearances (12 time, 85% of the seasons) but Tyler had a 100% appearance rate over his three seasons.
  • Micah dominated our league for one year with an 85% win percentage but he ended up losing the championship. Of teams that played at least 3 seasons, the top three win percentages are Tyler (62.8%), Logan (62.6%), and me (59.7%.)
  • Logan made the most moves per season (32.5) and Chelsea made the least (6).
  • Logan averaged the most points per season (1745 over 11 seasons) and Ed averaged the least (1436 over 3 seasons).

Thank you to everyone who participated over the years!