– Ben Martens

Fall City Camping

Tyla’s family decided at the last minute to take a camping trip. They didn’t want to travel far so they ended up a couple miles from our old condo in at Tall Chief campground in Fall City. I’d driven by it a number of times but never investigated. It’s a private campground that mostly caters to RVs and campers so you get the pool, hot tub, sauna, shuffleboard, etc. It’s not rugged by any means, but it was very nice and quiet. Their campsite was huge and there weren’t many people around so it was a very enjoyable location.

Tyla and I had some other things going on so we just went down for the day on Saturday. It started off with some excitement. I was swinging on the playground and as the swing slowed down I jumped/walked off. Unfortunately my shorts stayed attached to the chain and pretty much ripped off my body! Everyone got a good look at my boxers as I attempted to hold them on my body for the walk back to the campsite.

We tried to go visit the Snoqualmie train museum where I volunteered last year, but it was Thomas the Tank Engine day and the place was overrun with little kids. We skipped that and headed down to the river to let Oskar play.

All in all I was very impressed with this little campground that I have driven by 1000 times!