– Ben Martens

Handlebar Mount And Helmet Locks

Along with the air deflectors and radiator guard, I picked up a handlebar mount and helmet locks from ProjektD. As with the previous install, these were quick and easy.

The handlebar mount is an extension to the handlebar that gives you a place to mount your GPS, cell phone, camera, etc. You can see it in the picture sticking out towards the center from the right handlebar. The install for this one requires you to remove the bolt holding the right handlebar on and replace it with a longer one. Monkeying with the handlebars always makes me a little nervous, but I used the torque wrench and applied some non-permanent locktite so I should be all set.

The helmet locks easily installed under the luggage rack in the rear. Usually when Tyla and I stop somewhere, her helmet can fit in one of the bags but then I end up carrying my helmet around. This should be much more convenient.

All in all I’m very happy with my ProjektD accessories. It’s nice having things that are made specifically for your bike because the installation instructions can be very specific and everything fits. Now I need to stay off their website for a while or I’ll find more things that I want to order!