– Ben Martens

Indiana Trip Recap

There have been a few posts that mentioned our trip to Indiana, but I haven’t talked about the overall trip yet. We went back over Memorial Day weekend so that Dad, Luke and I could attend the Indy 500. Tyla and I were unsure how Elijah would handle the flight, but he did really well. We got a direct flight into Midway and then Mom and Dad picked us up so that we’d only have one flight to get through. It wasn’t as easy as our trip at Christmas, but we couldn’t have asked for much more from a one year old who just wants to walk and crawl everywhere.

The weather was pretty nice so we spent quite a bit of time outside going on walks or just pushing Elijah around in a little car that belongs to his cousin David. That thing was a huge hit! Luke, Rachel and David were there for the weekend and Grandpa and Lynnette came for a day too. Since it’s rare to have everyone together, Mom organized a family photo.

It was a nice trip and a good vacation. We relaxed a lot, visited some fun places, and spent a lot of time with my family.