– Ben Martens

Ladder Golf

This game goes by many names. Here are all the names I found for it as I looked around:

Norwegian Horseshoes, Laddergolf, Snakes, Hillbilly Golf, Polish Golf, Horseballs, Tower Ball, Bolo Golf, Gladiator, Bola, Snake Toss, BlongoBall, Ladder Toss, Bolo, Rodeo Golf, Dingle Balls, Bolo Polo, Cowboy Golf, Redneck Golf, Pocca Bolo, The Snake Game, Willy Ball, Ladder Ball, Slither, Zing-Ball, Snakes & Ladders, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Flingy Ball, Top Toss, Norwegian Golf, Monkey Bars Golf, Swedish Golf, Polish Horsehoes, Dandy Golf, Montana Golf, Lasso Golf, Australian Horseshoes, Ladder Game, Monkey Balls, Rattlerail Toss, Golfball Horseshoes, Arizona Golf Balls, Spin-It, Ball Dangle, Bolo Ball, Poor Mans Golf, Bolo Toss, and Testicle Toss

Whatever you call it, Tim and I made a couple sets the other weekend. We both love cornhole but it’s pretty big and heavy to carry around. The hope was that this would be easier to haul with us and just as fun.

While Tim worked on the PVC piping, I tried to figure out how to drill holes in golffballs without a drill press. I made one set with 6 Purdue golf balls that I got as a thank you gift from KenC at least 15 years ago if not more. I never used them for real golf because I didn’t want to lose them. They are now the coolest set of bolos ever!

We tried out the game on our camping trip this past weekend. I don’t think I like the game quite as much as cornhole, and it wasn’t as easy to transport as I had hoped, but we still had a lot of fun playing. I envision someday having a barbeque in our backyard with cornhole, ladder golf, and washers games going on. Maybe we need some sort of backyard Olympics event!