– Ben Martens

March Madness Brackets

The tournament isn’t even over and already our bracket pool has been decided. Nobody even has a shot at getting the final game correct. I don’t think that has ever happened in our pool before and I also think this is one of the lowest scoring pools. But all that aside, congrats to AndyB who beat out second place Logan by one point and third place Jay by two points!

Jay and Logan have both won in the previous two years. Following up with second and third is a pretty good showing.

Now we can all enjoy the final game without wondering who is going to win the pool. And when I say “we” I mean “you” because most likely I’ll be giving a baby a bath and putting him to bed. I’ve watched approximately 7 minutes of the entire tournament this year.

March Madness Brackets

I still haven’t sat down to watch much of the tournament, but I think I’ve seen some of the highlights like Wichita State taking out Ohio State and Kevin Ware’s broken leg. I wish I hadn’t watched that second one as it will be forever burned into my skull.

It looks like our bracket race is AndyC’s to lose. If Louisville beats Michigan in the final game, Jay and I will end up in a tie breaker. In all other scenarios AndyC wins. No matter what happens, over half the field is treading water. Logan, Luke, Jim, AndyD and Tim all picked the final four completely wrong. This is probably one of the worst years for our group predicting the final four!

By the way, if you bet on “Andy” to win from the start, you’d have a 33% chance of being right.

March Madness Brackets

The dust has settled on the first two rounds of the tournament. I honestly haven’t even watched a single game, but I’m winning. That’s 100% skill with zero luck involved of course. Technically Jay and I are tied for first but for some reason Yahoo lists me in #1 and who am I to argue with them? Sorting by possible points remaining tells the more interesting tale and with that AndyC is on top. Luke looks like the big loser in the possible points category as his Spokane love for Gonzaga torched his bracket. Tim is at the bottom of the current points list but has enough possible points remaining to make a come back.

Private: March Madness Brackets

Every year we make wild, uneducated guesses about who will win the NCAA tournament and every year I’m completely wrong. Time to do it again! “I have no idea who will win” is no excuse. My 4 year old nephew can do this. In fact, David, I think you need your own bracket this year. Luke, make it happen.

To accept the invitation, just follow this link. For reference, here’s the group information.

Group ID#: 22963
Password: ben

Warning: you need to fill out your bracket TODAY. They picked the teams yesterday and the first games start on Tuesday. While the tourney does start early this year with the extra teams, the bracket picks start on Thursday so you have a couple days.

And don’t forget that you can watch every game on your computer via NCAA March Madness On Demand. They are launching iPhone and iPad apps this year too.