– Ben Martens

Oyster Run

While I had a blast on my Syracuse trip, I was a bit disappointed to miss this year's Oyster Run. It's a huge motorcycle rally up in Anacortes and this year they had over 30,000 motorcycles there!

Jeff Henshaw organizes the big rides that I go on and he got a group together for the ride up to the rally. If you've ever wondered what it feels like to be in one of these big packs of motorcycles, check out the video blow or go straight to Vimeo for the HD version. The rider on the back of his bike was holding a camera for part of the ride and while it doesn't communicate the full experience, it's a great start. I think these big rides are about over for this year, but hopefully next year I'll get to join up on a new pair of wheels.

The first half of this video shows the bikes loading up on a ferry and then riding up Highway 20 and over the Deception Pass bridge. The second half has some shots from Anacortes.

27th annual Oyster Run highlights from Jeff on Vimeo.