– Ben Martens

Remembering Fort Flagler

It occurred to me that a masterpiece has sat unpublished on my hard drive ever since our camping trip to Fort Flagler back in July. Chelsea spent the first afternoon writing a letter to Diana (her roommate from college) who is spending the summer as a camp counselor in Massachusetts. Tim was whittling and my book was terrible so I figured I'd send her some mail too because what's better than getting mail at camp?

After much deliberation, I broke out my incredible drawing skills and produced this amazingly accurate depiction of our campsite. I know you're impressed. I'm pretty much the best I know, although Chelsea's jaw might be slightly less square in real life. Also, we had another tent up but I got tired of drawing. Notice how I signed it with her name on it so she couldn't resell it on eBay. Lithograph reprints are available for purchase.