– Ben Martens

Parks And Recreation Review

luckyboycanoeI finished watching all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation. This show came out a few years after The Office and I skipped it because the promos made it look like a knock off of The Office. After watching the whole show, I suppose there are a lot of similarites in the styile and the content matter, but I have to say that Parks and Rec is superior. While there are loveable characters in both, the cast of Parks and Rec is stronger and the story line held up better. Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman were incredible throughout.

Trivia: The series finale features Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) paddling the “Lucky Boy” canoe across a lake. He actually built that canoe himself. In fact, all of the shots of him in his woodshop were actually his woodshop and he built many of the props for the show. The canoe was one of two big canoe projects. He kept one for himself and the Lucky Boy was recently delivered to his friend Jimmy Diresta. Jimmy is a woodworker as well and now has a successful YouTube channel that I enjoy and he’s also host of the Making It podcast which I recommend if you like to make stuff.

Parks and Rec gets two thumbs up from me. It’s easy to flip on, chuckle, and burn through a few episodes. It was available for free to Prime members but now you need a Hulu subscription to watch it (assuming you don’t want to pay ~$25/season to buy it.)