– Ben Martens

Patent Application

Azure Data Explorer has made a dramatic impact on my career. It has inspired a whole new breed of data engineering and it feels like a wide open playground for ideas and innovation. There were so many new ideas and patterns floating around in my head that I decided to attempt the patent process (through work) for one of them. I’ve never been through it before and it was interesting to see all the different levels of scrutiny and checks that go into it before you even sit down with a lawyer to start drafting the application.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve completed all of that work and my patent application has been submitted! Unfortunately… I’ve been advised not to share the details of it yet. After about 18 months, the US Patent Office will publish the application. At that point it will be public information on their site but it will still take another 2-3 years from that point for them to review it and either approve it or ask for some more information.

So I guess the point of this post is to say that I’m really excited about applying for my first patent. Even if it doesn’t get approved, it’s neat to see how the process works and it has me thinking whether or not other ideas are patentable too.

One thought on “Patent Application

  1. Dudley

    Congrats Ben! Glad you are making the effort and good work on coming up with the ideas that can at least be considered for a patent. Looking forward to seeing or hearing a response from the patent office. As for the other work and ideas you are mulling over, I’d say, go for the gusto!