– Ben Martens

Two Months

Happy two month birthday, Elijah! It’s hard for me to leave the house each morning* and know that I won’t see you again until the evening. In these past few weeks you’ve started to smile a lot and you’re beginning to have some control over your crazy arms that swing everywhere. It’s exciting to watch you discover your world! I look at you and think how tiny you are, but then when I look back at your first photos, I’m reminded how much you’ve grown. There are already big stacks of clothes that are too small for you.

Your mom and I haven’t slept through an entire night since June 14. I think we’re starting to adjust to the lack of sleep, or at least we are smarter about going to bed early with you to piece together enough sleep to get through the next day. For now you’re sleeping in a rocking bassinet in our bedroom so we have easy access to feed you as soon as you start waking up. On a good night you’ll go 3 hours between the start of each feeding session and then you fall back to sleep pretty easily. Other nights you need to eat a lot more and/or you have a hard time going back to sleep.

Tyla and I are both looking forward to the month of September when I will be on paternity leave and won’t have to work for the entire month. We’ve started giving you bottles every once in a while which let’s Tyla get out of the house for a bit. We’re so thankful that you are completely content taking room temperature milk from a bottle. I’m guessing that Tyla has a lot of ideas for things she wants to do in September while I’m at home and feeding you with a bottle!

We don’t have much personal experience to compare to, but I think you’re a pretty good baby… for now!

*Ok, that’s not completely true. On those days when you have a huge diaper blowout, I don’t mind missing the cleanup. I think you poop above your weight class.

Private: Two Months

This week marked the two month milestone to the wedding, and it’s a short two months. 56 days from today we’ll be getting married!

Things continue to progress well. In the past couple weeks we have locked in our last major contracts: the cake and the flowers. Looking down our budget list, we have filled in all the big ticket items. There’s still plenty of smaller tasks to take care of, but I’m quite happy with the way it is coming together.

Thanks to those of you who have been sending in the RSVPs! It feels a bit awkward to talk about the invitations because clearly we didn’t invite everyone. Please know that we’d love to have invited all of you (well, except for you, you’re kind of weird and you need to shower more) but unwelcome constraints forced some reality into our dream world. Our initial list was huge, but we had to cut it down to fit everyone onto the boat and into our bank account. Making the guest list has been, by far, the toughest part of this whole process!

We have a wedding website that we’d like to publicize: If you’re attending, it contains lots of juicy details to help with your trip. If you’re not, you might still be interested to flip through, and it’s the place to look for wedding photos. I’m pretty sure we’ll have an easy way for you to order your own photos without having to wait for us to get around to it.

Our Caribbean honeymoon is fully booked now including plane tickets, pre-departure hotel, cruise tickets, and excursions at the various ports. We leave a few weeks after the wedding, and we’re both extremely excited.

So far I’ve been both amazed at the amount of work that goes into a wedding and very pleased with our progress on that list. It feels quite good to be two months out and know that the remaining work will fit in the remaining time!