– Ben Martens

Do The Puyallup

Tyla and I seem to have started a tradition of getting one of those ridiculous giant photo buttons at the fair every year, so there’s no option of skipping the fair when it comes to town. This year was a bit of a challenge with Elijah in tow, but when my parents came to visit, we all piled in the car and headed to Puyallup.

Elijah did great with us lugging him around all over the fairgrounds. He’s a real trooper! We ate fair food, saw plenty of animals, and of course posed for a photo button.

Private: Do the Puyallup

The Puyallup Fair is in full swing. For those that haven’t been, it’s hard to explain the scale of this fair. Their domain name,, might give you a hint at how big this thing is.

Tyla and I went a couple weekends ago. We wandered around the animals and rides for a few hours, ate some deathly fair food, and saw the rodeo. I’m sure the rodeo was the highlight of the night for Tyla. She has been asking to go to a rodeo since I met her and I’ve finally fulfilled that wish. it was only my second rodeo, but she has apparently been to a lot of them. Thankfully she left with me instead of a cowboy in tight jeans and a hat.

If you look through the photos, make sure you look at this one. Is that illegal?!

Photos are posted in the gallery. It was my first full day with the new camera and I’m quite impressed with the pictures that it took.